The Financial Gain business has been running successfully since October 2000.
The business came about as a result of a realisation that many Australians and New Zealanders fail to put in place the right savings programme or investment strategy. With an increasing number of people entering retirement, the problems we now face are going to become a lot worse.
Which problems are these?
To begin with, the median income for the retired population in New Zealand, for instance, is $13,000 – that’s $36 per day. Over 70% of this group are dependent on government benefits.
Is this how they envisioned their future?

The facts are these: if you were to look at 100 people alive at the age of 15, by the time they have reached 65 years of age, 25 are dead, 53 are dead broke (living off the government and family), 15 are living on an above-average income, 6 are comfortable and 1 is wealthy. Given that few people are providing adequately for their retirement, we have a problem. People are heading towards the biggest debt of their lives (their income they need in retirement which they do not have) without any idea how tough it is going to get.

Often, they are in a situation where they are asset rich but cash poor. Others are unaware of the opportunities available to them or feel uncomfortable making investment choices.

Many have been disillusioned by a Financial Services Industry that is only interested in those with large sums of money to invest.

Financial Gain answers these needs in three ways, by:

•Helping our Clients make sense of their financial situation

•Showing Clients what nest egg they need in order to achieve their financial goals and,

•Providing access to strategies that deliver security and the necessary returns for the achievement of each Client’s goals.

Financial Gain excels in: getting people to take action, and educating them along the way. Our strategies are underpinned by common sense investments that enable Clients to enhance their income and increase their net asset base over a period of time.

Our Solution to this is:
“The Lifestyle Builder ©” program